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Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois


Training Institute on Disability Rights

The Training Institute on Disability Rights educates people and their families about their rights and responsibilities under the ADA, fair housing, special education, and other civil rights laws and steps they should take if their rights are violated.

The seminars provide valuable information about the legal rights of people with disabilities. They target problems that participants commonly experience.  The institute tailors each seminar to the learning needs and interests of the participants. Seminars are available in Spanish and other languages. Most seminars are interactive and approach topics in a practical way so that participants can apply what they learn in their own lives.

Recent Trainings

  • We conducted 82 seminars statewide to promote self/parent advocacy, with 2,190 people with disabilities and family members participating.
  • 57 percent of seminar participants were people of color.
  •  98 percent of the participants who completed evaluations rated the training as excellent or very good, and 96 percent reported that they had a better understanding of their legal rights after attending the seminar. 

Last updated: May 04, 2018

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