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Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois


EFE’s Recent Work

Expulsion reversed

We represented a student with several disabilities, including explosive personality and bipolar disorders. The boy had been expelled from his junior high school for behavioral incidents. The school had provided him with only a 504 plan, instead of an individualized education plan, or IEP. We were able to obtain a settlement rescinding his expulsion, providing him an evaluation and IEP, and a transfer to a new, more appropriate educational placement.

From potential expulsion to behavioral support

A parent requested help with a pending expulsion hearing for her daughter, a sophomore with bipolar disorder, who faced expulsion after she was involved in a fight. We negotiated with the school to dismiss the expulsion referral. Instead, the school agreed to evaluate the student and provided her with a 504 plan that gives her the academic and behavioral support she needs to succeed.

Helping parents and probation officer

We provided extended assistance to the parent and probation officer of a student with an emotional disorder. The student faced expulsion from school for an incident that occurred while she was being evaluated for special education services.  We helped the parent and probation officer draft an email to the school requesting dismissal of the expulsion hearing.  The school agreed to dismiss the expulsion hearing.

Evaluation leads to special ed services

We represented a teenage student with an emotional disorder at a manifestation determination review.  The student had a 504 plan but had never been evaluated for special education services. Because of our advocacy, the school agreed not to move forward with the MDR and to instead conduct a thorough evaluation of the student to determine his eligibility for special education services.  The school decided not to expel the student.


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Last updated: September 10, 2021

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