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Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois


Weekly Legislative Update – November 6, 2023


November 6, 2023

The following are disability-related bills and/or issues pending in the Illinois General Assembly that are scheduled to be heard in committee during the week of November 6, 2023. NOTE: This is the second and final week of the General Assembly’s fall Veto Session.  Additional bills may be posted for committee hearings upon very short notice.


House Health Care Licenses Committee
November 7, 2023, 3:00 p.m.
Room 122B, Capitol Building
Springfield, IL


SB 767, Representative Natalie A. Manley

Amends the Hearing Instrument Consumer Protection Act. Requires all hearing instruments offered for sale to be accompanied by a 30-business day return privilege. Requires the receipt or contract provided to the consumer to state that the consumer has a right to return the hearing instrument for a refund within 30 business days of the date of delivery. Provides that if a nonrefundable dispensing fee or restocking fee, or both, will be withheld from the consumer in event of return, the terms must be clearly stated on the receipt or contract provided to the consumer. Defines terms. Makes technical changes. Effective January 1, 2024.

  • To read the full text of SB 767: Click
  • To file an electronic witness slip on SB 767: Click


House Revenue & Finance Committee
November 7, 2023, 4:00 p.m.
Room 122B, Capitol building
Springfield, IL


SB 690, Representative Daniel Didech

Amends the Property Tax Code, the Community Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, the Counties Code, and the Community Mental Health Act. In provisions validating certain tax levies for community mental health boards, makes such provisions applicable to boards and levies created on or before the effective date of the amendatory Act (rather than on or before May 13, 2022). Amends the Election Code. Provides that a community mental health public question may not be placed on the 2024 primary or general election ballot in the same township where a community mental health public question was approved on the 2022 general election ballot. Effective immediately.

  • To read the full text of SB 690: Click
  • To file an electronic witness slip on SB 690: Click


NOTE: If you wish to take any action regarding any of these bills/issues, you may wish to file an electronic witness slip and/or or submit oral or written testimony to the committee holding the hearing and/or contact the members of the committee conducting the hearing and/or the legislators in your home district.  The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all legislators, both Representatives and Senators, can be found on the Illinois General Assembly website at: You may check this website to find out if any of the committee hearing dates or times have been changed, which may happen upon very short notice.


For additional information, please contact:
Cheryl R. Jansen
Public Policy Director
Equip for Equality

Last updated: November 06, 2023

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