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Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois


Where do I report abuse, neglect or exploitation?

For people ages 18 or older in a group home, community integrated living arrangement (CILA), day or residential program, or state-run mental health or developmental disability facility, call:

Office of Inspector General, Department of Human Services
Voice/TTY:  800-368-1463

For any nursing home resident, hospital patient or resident of a state-run developmental disability facility, call:

Department of Public Health
Voice: 800-252-4343
TTY:  800-547-0466

For children up to age 17, call:

Department of Children and Family Services
Voice: 800-252-2873
TTY 800-358-5117

For any individual with a disability age 18 or older and adults age 60 or older in a private home call:

Department on Aging
Voice: 866-800-1409 (24 hours)
TTY: 888-206-1327

The Illinois Department of Human Services has a webpage called, FAQs of reporting Abuse/Neglect of People with Disabilities.  It has more information about who to call to report abuse, when to call and what to report.  Also, if you need help filing a complaint, you can contact us.

Last updated: September 25, 2020

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