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Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois


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Our Goal

 Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help advance the human and civil rights of people with disabilities in Illinois.  

Your gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar through the generosity of a member of our Board of Directors.

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For over 30 years, Equip for Equality has been on the front line of fighting for people with disabilities to access the same spaces and opportunities as people without disabilities, and we’ve had some great successes. Still, thousands of people with disabilities in Illinois need legal advocacy, rights education, quality services and supports, and policy initiatives to promote their successful inclusion into the community.

Your gift to Equip for Equality will help build access for people with disabilities in education, employment, housing, business, recreation, and all aspects of community life.

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Success Stories


“There was this forced segregation that occurred because there was no access to public transit. And all that time we were losing opportunities to take part in what was happening in the world. And it never occurred to us, for a while, that we could have this right. We had no idea, at that time, of our own power.”

Today there are thousands of people with disabilities in Illinois who still lack access to transportation, places of business and employment opportunities. We need to go further, and we need your help to do it.


“We see all sorts of barriers that prevent people with disabilities from working. Sometimes it’s because someone needs an accommodation and their employer isn’t willing to provide it. But sometimes it’s based on attitudinal or other sorts of barriers, where it’s based on perceptions and myths about people with disabilities”

EFE empowers people and their families through our disability rights trainings, so they can advocate for themselves or others, but we need your support to provide these services.


“There was a supreme court decision that said that unless there was a compelling reason not to, people have a right to live in the community.”

Too many people living with disabilities are not receiving the rights they are entitled to. At Equip for Equality, we are trying to change that.

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Last updated: May 02, 2018

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