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Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois



Through pro bono partnerships with Chicago’s leading law firms, Equip for Equality has provided legal services to many more people with disabilities.  Through these partnerships, Equip for Equality has provided legal services to more people with disabilities, sued successfully for systems change, and secured public policy and legislative reforms.

Special Education Clinic

Our Special Education Clinic relies heavily on pro bono partnerships with Chicago’s leading corporate law departments and law firms.  Their attorneys help staff our Parent Helpline and represent students at key school meetings, at administrative hearings and in court.

Complex Litigation

When Equip for Equality files complex, class action lawsuits to protect the rights of larger numbers of people, we work with a leading law firm.  Changing whole systems requires substantial attorney time and often requires the hiring of experts and coverage of other out-of-pocket costs.

Legal Service Agencies

We also work on systems-change lawsuits with other legal rights organizations here in Illinois and at times in other states.  By bringing together a wealth of expertise, we can develop sophisticated strategies and pursue complex litigation to break down longstanding barriers.

Training Institute on Disability Rights

Our Training Institute on Disability Rights delivers customized, educational seminars through partnership with local service providers, and local and state government.  We host training across the state with local social service agencies, hospitals, schools, state mental health centers, state developmental centers and others.

Disability Rights Groups

We also work with leading self-advocacy and parent advocacy groups and other disability rights groups to advance public policy and legislative reforms.  We have a strong working relationship with state government and serve on key task forces and other bodies convened by the governor and the state legislature.


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Last updated: August 13, 2018

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