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Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois




Man sitting in fetal position in the corner

Abuse & Neglect

Preventing abuse, neglect and exploitation through systemic and individual advocacy; facility monitoring and oversight; and enforcement of fundamental rights.


Boy with down syndrome and girl laughing and smiling

Community Integration

Advocating that people with disabilities live in the most integrated setting with the supports and services they need to succeed.


Woman in wheelchair in front of courthouse steps

Discrimination/ADA Rights

Fighting to address the unequal treatment of people with disabilities in private businesses, employment, housing, government, higher education and transportation.

Man sitting in cubicle

Employment First Blueprint

Equip for Equality published an “Illinois Employment First Blueprint” containing action steps Illinois can take to make competitive, integrated employment a reality for people with disabilities.



A man's hands in restraint straps

Misuse of Restraint and Seclusion

Promoting alternatives to restraint and seclusion and challenging abuses that occur when these methods are used.


Representative Payee Program

Protecting people with disabilities who receive Social Security benefits.


Sign for Murray Developmental Center

Rights in Institutions

Protecting people with disabilities, who receive services in institutions, from abuse, neglect and exploitation.


Girl who is blind, smiling and sitting on a bench


Supporting the decisions of people with disabilities to take control of their lives.


African American Boy Reading

Special Education

Advocating for children with disabilities- regardless of their academic, medical, physical or behavioral needs- to have the right to a free appropriate public education.


A row of voting booths, with a wheelchair accessible booth at the end of the row


Ensuring that people with disabilities are able to vote and are able to do so privately and independently.


Last updated: April 25, 2019

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