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Advancing the Human & Civil Rights of People with Disabilities in Illinois



Photo of Rebecca Wylie, an EFE intern who uses a wheelchairRights Information by Topic Area

Choose one of our common topic areas below to get a list of our resource documents related to that area.

Blind woman reading BrailleYour Rights as a Person with a Disability

Visit this page to view our presentation called, You Be the Judge: Your Everyday Rights, The ADA and You.”  This presentation gives an overview of your rights as a person with a disability.  It has information about the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) with everyday examples relating to employment rights, voting rights and transportation rights.

Disability Rights Consortium MeetingDisability Rights Trainings

Learn about our Training Institute, which offers disability-rights trainings to help people with disabilities and their families become better advocates for their rights.  Use the links below to find out about our specific training topics and how to request or attend a training.

Male student in a library leaning against bookshelf.Special Education Online Trainings

Use our Online Trainings to learn about your rights, hear advice from attorneys, and get answers to your questions. Here are the online training topics we currently have:

  • Transition Plan: Learn about and plan for your future after high school for getting a job, going to college or trade school, and living on your own. You can also create your own transition plan, print it and take your plan to your next IEP meeting.
  • Discipline (School Disciplinary Actions): Learn about your rights when suspended, expelled, sent home, sent to an alternative school, and disciplined for other school misconduct.

Woman walking up to the door of a businessADA Information for Businesses, Employers & Government

Through our Illinois ADA Project, we help educate Illinois businesses and organizations about the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  We offer trainings through our webinar series, audio conferences and in person.  We also answer questions to specific ADA questions on our Illinois ADA Project’s website and Telephone Hotline 877-ADA-3601.

Man reading paper documentsPublications by Equip for Equality

We’ve published several items, such as investigative reports, legislative summaries, and handbooks.  Our publications are free.  Go to our Publications by Equip for Equality page for more information.

Woman talking on phone and using laptop computer with 2 kids playing in the backgroundResource Guide for People with Disabilities

Find information about the seemingly countless disability-related services available in Illinois.  It’s all in one comprehensive Disability Resource Guide (PDF).

A partial calendar with the word EVENT written in red marker on the square for the 22nd of the monthEvents

Keep up with EFE related events!  We have monthly consortium meetings, periodic trainings and other activities throughout the year.  Check out our Events Calendar (in calendar view) for information about specific events.  (You can also view our Events Calendar in listing view instead of calendar view.)

Last updated: April 09, 2021

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